Here in this Blog, I am giving some tips to prepare for the GRE exam, and their syllabus and EXAM Pattern.

1. Make a schedule of day work
2.Use the materials that related to GRE(Only 1 book is there)
3. Do the Practice problem test’s regularly, as the actual test approaches.
4. Only two books are there for GRE practice tests.
you can get three sittings per test. These should be taken once in a week for the six weeks.
5. Don’t let yourself by involving any other things
6.Try to discuss your question’s & answer with some one.
7. Do more & more practice test and solve many problems as many as you can.
8. Your hard work, dedication, well-planned, Preparation is a key to your success.

Books you have to refer for the GRE exam:
i)Official GRE Verbal reasoning practice question & Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning,                                                                                                          Practice  question
ii)Barron’s 6 GRE Practice Test’s
iii) Practice to take the GRE general test 10th edition
iv) The Manhattan GRE series

Exam pattern for the GRE and syllabus:
For GRE general practice Book: General Test

For Biology test: practice_book_biology

For previous questions:Question paper fro practice